Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Alexander Tutoring

Some students wish to improve their grades and others think they are not being challenged at school. Some want to catch up on areas covered in school, yet others want to extend what they have learned already and move at a faster pace. A percentage of children arrive with their own targets eg. aiming towards sitting Private School Entrance Exams or upgrading from National 4 to National 5. At the early stages of Secondary School, students are keen to reach attainment targets set for them. Whether in the State or Private Sector, I have witnessed the rewards and benefits that tuition can bring to children and the ease with which they can accommodate new learning when it is approached in a systematic and sensitive manner.

Which indicators show my child may need tutoring?

Many children want to improve their grades and some arrive with their own targets and need structured sub-goals to achieve them. Many say that they can't do a piece of work at school, or that they are stuck when it comes to doing some aspect of Maths eg. division sums or ; in English eg. grammar, comprehension or story writing. They can quickly think of themselves as failing and believe that the teacher will be unable to spend enough extra time with them to put things right. Some children have missed school for a period of time and want to catch up. Yet others are not being given enough work at school and feel they are falling back through no fault of their own. Others are aiming to work towards entry to Private School or have other specific targets and need guidance to reach them. In all these situations I can offer a way forward and find solutions

Can I talk to you about my child confidentially?

If you want to contact me to put your questions to me and share what your child's requirements are confidentially, please don't hesitate to contact me as I have many years experience of working in this context.

Do you work with adults?

Yes. I work with adults from a variety of backgrounds. For example, mildly dyslexic adults or skilled employees wishing to improve staff report writing. I also work with students hoping to improve assignments and trainee teachers wishing to learn teaching methods to impart content to children. I have also assisted adults preparing for Police Entrant Exams.